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Public Art

The Foundry

2010 completed

Steel and bronze I-beam gate, 18 patined bronze panels cast from old fishing boat hardware, 3 perforated stainless steel panels with screened images, text

Commissioned by Polygon Corp and City of Vancouver. Site: 361 West 1st Ave, 2010 Olympic Village site, Vancouver, Canada

This multipart artwork- in the public space of a new residential development - is located on the site of a former iron foundry. It is a symbolic expression of the beginnings of early industry and the city of Vancouver.

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Stillwater, a wellspring of life

2010 completed

Sand carved glass sculpture, sculpted concrete, LED lights, carved text, slate, water

Commissioned by Cressey Ltd and City of Richmond. Site: 7700 Alderbridge/Westminster, Richmond, Canada

This work is about the slough that existed here at this site. It is about the waters of the ponds and estuaries celebrated by natural historians for their thriving microorganisms, particularly the diatom: complex, beautiful and vital to the global carbon cycle, food web and aquatic ecosystems.

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Abacus (Suan Phan)

2005 completed

63 hand carved jade stones, bronze caps, stainless steel, concrete, steel, cast calligraphy

Commissioned by Pinnacle and the City of Vancouver. Site: Entrance to Shanghai Alley, 210 Keefer, Vancouver, Canada

Abacus is an interactive sculpture that draws people to its movable jade stone "counting beads". It symbolizes the merchants and old social fabric of Shanghai Alley and Chinatown.

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The Fraser, rewinding earth's time tape

1998 completed

Glacial erratic boulders, bands and a platform of blue slate, concrete, slate, water

Commissioned by the City of Richmond. Site: Laing Park, Richmond, BC, Canada

This work was inspired by Devonian fossils of the Burgess Shale found in the Canadian Rockies, source of the Fraser River. Included are: the names of lost streams of the Fraser, period quotes of regional settlement, a raincatcher and images of the sturgeon- native to the Fraser and one of the few remaining species of ancient fish.

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New Currents and Ancient Streams

1996 completed

Loose black slate, pillow basalt boulder, bronze, water, text set in concrete

Commissioned by Westbank Corp. at the Palisades. Site: 1200 Alberni St, Vancouver, Canada

This work marks the site of one of 49 salmon rich streams that once flowed through Vancouver to the sea. Time is symbolized by an "erratic" - a boulder formed by magma and sea water - and its doppleganger cast in bronze.

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1993 completed

99 blocks of polished black granite, carved text

Commissioned by Concorde Pacific and the City of Vancouver. Permanent site: Pacific Boulevard, between Homer and Drake streets, Vancouver, Canada

This public work is located on what was once a shoreline, now a main boulevard. Beneath its paving stones are layers of shells, bones and silence. The deeply researched site specific work incorporates writings about the north shore of False Creek from pre-settlement time onwards.

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Skaha Timepiece

1984 completed; restored by the City of Penticton in 2008

Wood, power posts, carved aluminum, text, sun, viewer participation

Commissioned by the City of Penticton. Site: Skaha Lake, Penticton, Canada

This is an interactive sundial based on Ptolemy’s annalema. It invites visitors to Skaha beach to put themselves between the sun and the earth and cast their shadows to tell time. The warmth of natural materials and sense of play are an integral part of this work.

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Centennial Fountain

1967, completed; outer wall with seating removed in 2007

Portland cement, 50,000 pieces of venetian glass, text, gold nugget, water (summer), fire (winter)

Commissioned by the City of Prince George. Site: Community Foundation Park, Prince George, Canada. In collaboration with Naomi Pattersonn and Gino Lenarduzzi

In commemoration of Canada's centennial, this large public work depicts the history of early regional settlers and the geology of the city framed by its clay banks and two rivers, the Nechako and the mighty Fraser River.

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